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ABOSOLAR New Energy focuses on the field of photovoltaic power generation, focusing on both household and industrial-commercial users, committed to becoming a leader in the field of distributed photovoltaic power generation, making its due contribution to easing the pressure of energy tension and environmental pollution in society, so as to create a new model of sunshine habitation.

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Solar heating system project in Yantou village


The solar heating technology in Yantou village Fanshi county Shanxi Province is Abo’s innovative technology of collectors and system integration by absorbing international  advance technology and business practicing for many years. It features high efficiency and more heating. It ensures large heat storage capacity for more than 3 days, which promise low operation cost, stable quality and long life.


Project introduction:
This project is divided into five parts: solar trough heat collection system, heat storage system, tracking system, control center and the terminal
● To make the heat collection efficiency is automated by the automatic tracking system to track the Angle of sunlight in real time 
● heat collection system: To achieve the highest level of heat collection efficiency in the industry by the core patented technology product (United Nations blue sky award) – solar through heater tube. 
● To storage off-season heat by storage system, which take advantage of clean energy and reduce the use of supplementary heat source furthest 
● The control center realizes the remote intelligent control of operation parameters and unattended. 
● The heating terminals are all buried in the ground with prefabricated insulated pipes to minimize heat loss and improve the heating effect.